Existing Home Sales

Fred was quoted today in an article in Econoplay.com entitled Realtors Report a ‘Busier’ Spring Market”  written by Gary Rosenberger.

Some of the point made were:

Buyers More Confident Things Won’t Get Worse; Sellers Hit a Wall of Reality on Pricing
•  Foreclosure Sales Slow Down on RoboSigning Scandals (Boosting Normal Resales)
•  2010 Tax Credit Toughens YrAgo Comps; Yet Most Report Steady Progress Since Jan.
The entire article is available at Econoplay where you can download the report by signing up for a free membership (no strings attached).
The newsletter describes itself as “…..a reality-based economic forecasting service tracking all key U.S. economic indicators ahead of release – relying exclusively on the experiences of business people who are eyewitnesses to the economy’s every move.” 

About emmamv

I am an exclusive buyers agent working and living on the beautiful Island Of Martha's Vineyard. I am a REALTOR® (member of National Association of Realtors), a member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. I help people fulfil their dreams of buying a home on Martha's Vineyard. I don't sell homes, I help people buy a home.
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